The next generation of the RapidLMS learning platform

The next generation of the RapidLMS learning platform

In an effort to constantly provide the best service and platforms available for our learners, We Know Training has unveiled the newest version of the RapidLMS system for learners.

RapidLMS is our in-house training distribution software. Rapid already goes beyond the typical LMS by not only delivering courses to learners, but also specializing in course distribution and tracking, with robust course catalogue and credentialing features. Designed with learners in mind, this newest version of the RapidLMS system will be easier to navigate than ever before, with an updated and streamlined interface.

Here at We Know Training, we believe that exceptional training begins with an exceptional learner experience and industry-leading learner software, customer support, and training resources.


So, what’s changed?

To deliver the best training possible, you need the best software and training tools on the market, and that’s why we’ve made these important updates to our in-house RapidLMS training distribution system.

Each time they log on, learners will be greeted by a simplified version of the RapidLMS system you’ve grown accustom to, designed specifically to help them find what they need, quickly. This includes refined sidebar navigation and learner profile, and an easily searchable My Courses and My Certifications page.

Another update we’ve introduced to enhance the learner’s platform is relaxing the account confirmation. Previously, everyone had to verify their accounts via email confirmation before they could continue to their assigned training. Now, learners are able to navigate to their training account and purchase training immediately on sign up. While we do recommend that everyone confirms their account in order to receive important notifications about their course invitations, certifications, and completions, this new system removes barriers to getting started.

Before this upgrade, learners had to confirm their account with their email addresses. Now the process is simpler.

Behind the scenes, our development team has been hard at work for more than a year implementing these changes.

One of the many talented professionals that worked on the UI rebuild, our VP Platforms Daniel Huckstep, believes that these changes will help learners feel more comfortable taking full advantage of all the features of the RapidLMS training software.

“When we first built Rapid, we went down a path with a certain userbase in mind, so we made certain UI choices that in retrospect weren’t correct but at the time seemed right,” said Huckstep.

“To us it seemed better to start from scratch to deliver the best experience. Instead of trying to change the existing UI, we were able to rebuild from scratch, learn from our mistakes – so to speak, and do everything right for the customers.”

Huckstep added that more than a year of work from the development team has taken place in order to bring these updates to life.

What do these changes mean for current users?

Your experience when using the RapidLMS system will still be very similar to the layout you’ve grown used to, with the exception of ease of use and a better overall design.

“I think the biggest thing about this is that we knew we needed to make a change, and we decided to make a fairly drastic change, but everything has been done with the users, learners, and training managers in mind,” said Huckstep.

“But if there is anything that any of our customers would like to see changed, we want to hear about it. It’s called software for a reason, because we can go back and make those changes.”

At We Know Training we strive to continually deliver the best experiences for our customers, and always push to have the best learning and training platforms available.

These changes made to the RapidLMS interface are only a small portion of the plans that we have in place to continue to be the go-to-provider of training in regulated industries across the country. Next steps will include updated interface for training managers and administrators, as well as exploring opportunities for expanding learning design, such as instructor-led training.