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Games and game-based thinking can inject a spark of fun into your training and motivate lasting behavioural change. From single elements to a full-scale game-world immersion, we will ensure a clear match between the game element and your learning objectives.

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Experience points, badges, leaderboards, levels, and other game-based tools are unique tools to engage, reward, and motivate your learners. Stronger motivation equals better knowledge retention.


Danatec Fire Safety Awareness

In this scenario learners control a fire extinguishing agent in order to learn the steps involved in safely, and effectively, extinguishing a fire.


Learners can try out unfamiliar or potentially dangerous skills in a safe environment. Armed with this experience, they are more confident when the time comes to call on their new knowledge.

Can you solve this western murder mystery? Try the demo!

Experience our stylized, western themed whodunnit course and see if you can solve the case!

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