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Instructional design

It starts here. Our expert instructional designers find out what your learners need to know, then design the right learning approach to ensure your training sticks.

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Great training fosters intrinsic motivation, which means that learner want to learn for the sake of learning. We design your training to connect the course to learners’ real life, incorporating interactive elements and scenarios to engage them in what they learn.

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Built-in assessments

Active recall can triple long-term retention compared to just re-reading the information. We use informal knowledge checks, try-it-outs, and module quizzes throughout the entire learning experience to test and strengthen your learners’ knowledge.


Our team is trained in international guidelines for accessibility and create courses that can be used by everyone, without compromising design. Easy navigation, plain language, and diversity are important considerations to ensure your course is clear, relevant, and engaging to your target audience.

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Training programs designed with learners’ success in mind. We can help you.

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