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How we do it—Our courses are accessible and motivating, incorporating real-world examples, plain language writing, and robust assessments.

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Can you solve this western murder mystery? Try the demo!

Experience our stylized, western themed whodunnit course and see if you can solve the case!


Mobile learning

From mobile learning and bite-sized microlearning to gamification and multi-language translations, our learning design experts choose the right tools to engage your learners and maximize knowledge retention.

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Instructional design

The foundation of every course we create. We identify learner needs and key competencies to build a course targeted to your unique goals.

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Custom media and visual design

From photography and first-person videos to animations and comic book illustrations, our team of talented creators brings your course content to life. Everything we design is meaningful and tied directly to learning objectives.

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Creative and evidence-based treatments help motivate and enhance learning. Interactive and branching simulations prepare learners to draw on their new knowledge and relate their own experiences to the course content.

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Analysis and evaluation

Informal knowledge checks, try-it-outs, and module quizzes throughout the entire learning process test and strengthen your learners’ knowledge.

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Project management

Budget, timelines, deliverables, resources. Our team has decades of experience and a fierce attention to detail. You can trust them to get your project to the finish line.

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Quality commitment

Our thorough quality assurance process includes script review, beta testing, compliance testing, and human testing. End-of-project evaluation measures course success and helps us fine-tune our approach.

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