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Harness the power of technology. Partner with us to build customized, creative, outcome-focused eLearning. 

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We start at the beginning. Our partnership begins with a detailed investigation of your goals to design a strategy that will make the most of your investment.


Our expertise.

Instructional design meets the latest technology. Our courses are accessible and motivating, incorporating real-world examples, plain language writing, and robust assessments.

Instructional design

The foundation of every course we create. We work with subject matter experts to identify learner needs and key competencies and build a course targeted to meet your goals.

Competency analysis

We critically analyze jobs to define everything your learners need to know about their training. Then we create professional development profiles and prioritize your training needs.

Mobile learning

Your learning environment should never be an afterthought. If mobile delivery is right for you and your learners, we develop your courses to provide the best mobile experience.


Bite-sized mini-modules, offered alone or combined with other modalities, give on-the-go learners and organizations specific, topic-focused training with immediate results. A flexible, targeted, and inexpensive solution.

Game-based learning

“Gamification” engages learners and facilitates knowledge retention. From single elements to full-scale game-world immersion, we ensure a clear match between the game element and your content.

Built-in assessments

Active recall can triple long-term retention compared to just re-reading the information. We use Informal knowledge checks, try-it-outs, and module quizzes throughout the entire learning process to test and strengthen learners’ knowledge.

Course evaluation

We follow the Kirkpatrick Model (reaction, learning, behaviour, and results) to evaluate the effectiveness of a course and fine tune our approach. A variety of tools and assessments help us, and you, determine the success of a project.

Quality assurance

Our thorough quality assurance process includes careful script review, beta testing, compliance testing, and human testing on multiple devices and browsers, to ensure that your course is clear, consistent, and error-free.

Project management

Our project management approach is flexible yet structured, and we encourage our clients to participate at every stage. The project manager keeps us on track, ensuring that all deliverables are on time, and on budget.

Engaged learners are more successful.

Immersive and competency-based courses prepare learners to draw on their new knowledge in real-world settings.


We bring your ideas to life.

Exceptional training is a team effort. We draw on a creative powerhouse of storytellers, educators, designers, animators, and actors to create an immersive and captivating experience.

Visual design

Creating that perfect balance between form and function is a balancing act. Our designers ensure our courses are fun, intuitive, relevant, diverse, and easy to navigate.

Custom media

From graphic novel illustrations, animations, and photography to first-person videos, our custom media brings your course content to life. Everything created by our talented team of creators is meaningful and tied directly to learning objectives.

Narration and acting

Professional narration and acting adds that extra element of realism to our custom media. A smooth delivery and clean final product keep learners fully immersed in the world that we’ve created.

Interactive elements

Creative and evidence-based treatments help motivate and enhance learning. Interactive and branching simulations prepare learners to draw on their new knowledge and relate their own experiences to their learning.

Augmented and virtual reality

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been hailed as the future of training. Immersed in a simulated reality, learners try out dangerous tasks, perfect new skills, and build empathy.


We have translated courses into dozens of languages, all with the same rigorous quality testing. During course planning, we consider ease of translation, design implications, reading direction, and how different visual elements might be interpreted within different cultures.

Course distribution software

Take advantage of our in-house learning management platform RapidLMS. Designed to train a crowd, RapidLMS features include: easy distribution, learner tracking, and credential management.

Training programs designed with learners’ success in mind. we can help you.