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Dr. Yasmeen Krameddine

A passionate mental health advocate, Dr. Yasmeen Krameddine focuses her work on creating safer communities through training front line workers how to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. While her work is especially relevant in police training, her methods have proven valuable in educating security professionals, paramedics, government employees, and others who work with the public on a daily basis.
Conflict de-escalation is a topic that continues to gain attention, with the U.S. mandating that all police organizations include it in their training. Dr. Krameddine’s evidence-based programs have shown reductions in physical force, use of weapons and subsequent complaints in the six months following training.
Krameddine’s Ph.D. research focused on training Edmonton Police Service officers about mental illnesses, psychiatric issues and addiction with a goal of building empathy and understanding. Along with her work as a professor for the University of Alberta’s Department of Psychiatry and as a researcher examining and advancing resilience in first responders, Krameddine is a board member at The Family Centre and is an academic committee member for The Canadian Association of Police Governance.

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