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Tracey Thibeau


With more than 40 years of experience and a career that has taken him around the world, Tracey Thibeau is a senior workplace safety expert driven by his passion for preventing accidents through effective training.
Following a 27-year career with Air Canada — which included 17 years as a dangerous goods acceptance agent — Thibeau became an independent consultant, starting his own company in Nova Scotia. His expertise was quickly recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the global authority on airline safety and security, who sent him to Nairobi, Kenya to conduct three weeks training on their behalf. Thibeau’s work has also seen him consult with the World Health Organization in Geneva and he is a voting member of Canadian General Standards Board on changing Part 6 of the TDG Ground regulations on development of Competency Based Training and Assessment.
Thibeau believes that safety starts at the top of an organization and training is an essential part of accident prevention. He conducts in-class as well as virtual training in areas including health and safety auditing, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), dangerous goods regulations (ground, water and air), and shipping guidelines for infectious substances.

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