Training delivery

Learner verification

Ensure your online courses and tests and completed by the right person. The confidence of in-person training, brought online.

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Virtual verification

Without in-person instructors, online learning is susceptible to cheating. LearnerVerified adds a layer of defensible security to any course, in any learner management system. Secure your training with LearnerVerified.

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Beginning stage of LearnerVerified
Example of ID capture for learner verification

Photo verification

Learners take a photo of themselves using their computer’s built-in camera the first time they log in to their course. LearnerVerified records and stores this photo for verification.

Face capture example in LearnerVerified

Identity verification

Valid government picture ID is stored on file and matched to each learner’s photo to validate their identity.

Attendance monitoring in LearnerVerified

Monitored attendance

Monitor attendance throughout the course by capturing learners’ photos to flag micro-moments of prolonged absences or other anomalous activity.

Quick and easy

Quick setup and administration means that you can add our three-step verification process to your course in minutes! With a seamless user experience, your learner never feels like they have to leave their learning environment.


Upload your course

Use our drag-and-drop interface to upload your course material, whether it’s a SCORM object, PDF, video, or audio file.


Set your parameters

Set your rules to establish how long a learner is allowed to take to complete the course, and how strict our automated attendance monitoring will be.


Distribute your course

Once complete, you are ready to launch your course. You can distribute right through LearnerVerified, or download the LV-enabled file and deliver it through your preferred LMS.

Revolutionize the way you publish and distribute your training.

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