Women of We Know Training: Christine Todd

In celebration of International Women’s Day this year, we are sharing profiles and advice from some of the superstars that make up the We Know Training team. Thank you to these women, and to all the brilliant staff that share their talent, insight, and creativity with us, day-in, day-out.

Christine Todd, Director of Compliance and Industry Relations

As the Director of Compliance and Industry Relations, Christine Todd provides industry knowledge and representation within existing and emerging regulated industries served by We Know Training.

This role, as an innovative leader, supports business growth in the evaluation of new and existing products, partnerships, and industries. Christine often leverages her existing and constantly expanding industry knowledge to create new connections and relationships, influence the strategic direction of the company, and lead a team of industry experts.

As a passionate leader, at We Know Training and in the industries we serve, Christine is always on the lookout to improve processes, and marry the priorities and needs of the company with those of our industry partners. “I am passionate about influencing change and growth, and the role of business in delivering positive social impact,” she says. “The Subject Matter Expert (SME) knowledge that we possess and industry relationships that we, as a team, build and strengthen, have direct influence on the overall success of the business.”

Throughout her career, Christine has led and built trusted relationships within cross-functional teams, including external stakeholders, to facilitate a collaborative approach in formulating and executing strategies. She has leveraged her love for strategy and planning, coupled with strong interpersonal talents, to influence change in process, productivity, and profitability.

Christine added that she is driven by long-term strategy and innovation, even while delivering short-term execution objectives, always keeping the big picture top-of-mind.

Since becoming part of We Know Training, Christine has been trusted, valued, and empowered, while being given opportunities for growth and professional development through a community and culture that supports women’s leadership.

Christine’s advice to other women: It is essential to challenge and stretch yourself often, and not let yourself get stuck in a position where you don’t feel like you are growing or learning. I encourage women to enter careers in the fields of their passion and enable themselves to freely choose their path―essential to a society that champions and advocates for gender equality. Find a mentor, ask questions, understand varying perspectives and allow yourslf to make progressive decisions, as it is important to explore different fields, skillsets, and industries.”

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