Women of We Know Training: Kendra Roemer

In celebration of International Women’s Day this year, we are sharing profiles and advice from some of the superstars that make up the We Know Training team. Thank you to these women, and to all the brilliant staff that share their talent, insight, and creativity with us, day-in, day-out.

Kendra Roemer, Client Specialist

As a Client Specialist, Kendra’s job is to go above and beyond for our clients and learners. She’s always there to help them with all of their account issues no matter how big or small. She knows how important it is to express to our customers how important they are to our company.

“This job takes extreme patience, as some calls are more challenging that others. After 10 years of being a hairstylist and years of fluctuating hours, I needed a change―some consistency in my professional life.”

Kendra adds that although she had years of customer service experience, she found it difficult to find a company that would give her an opportunity to show those skills off, until she found We Know Training.

“We Know Training saw the potential of my skillset and took a chance on me,” she adds. “I originally started with Yardstick Assessment Strategies (YAS), however, I saw a future in We Know Training and did not want to miss the opportunity to be a part of this great team.”

Since joining WKT, Kendra’s confidence has grown immensely. Seeing herself excel in her work and achieve professional goals has helped her create a new mindset for how she approaches everyday life.

Kendra’s advice to other women: Never be afraid to take charge of your life! You are never too old or under-qualified to change your career. Find the people in your life to help you excel; who encourage you. BE STRONG, fight through the obstacles that are in your way.

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