Women of We Know Training: Natasha Bowen

In celebration of International Women’s Day this year, we are sharing profiles and advice from some of the superstars that make up the We Know Training team. Thank you to these women, and to all the brilliant staff that share their talent, insight, and creativity with us, day-in, day-out.

Natasha Bowen, Project Manager

Early on in life, Natasha “wanted to be entangled in the interactive media world.” When she had the opportunity to build a portfolio and apply at Christie Communications, a content creation company acquired by We Know Training, she jumped at the opportunity.

“With the help of word-of-mouth, desire, and drive, I scored my dream job at 18 years old. Since then, I continue to have so much passion for this work.”

Natasha truly loves what she does. Everything from the dynamic work environment to the ever-changing landscape make We Know Training an exciting place to work. No one day is the same, and Natasha has found lots of opportunity to grow in her career: “I started out as an Illustrator/Animator, taking illustrations that I drew and animating them in cool scenarios. What a job! I loved it. Now I’m more involved in the inner workings of eLearning development. Project management has its own challenges, but the wins are what I like the best.”

When Natasha started at Christie, she came equipped with the software, knowledge, professionalism, and workaholic tendency that enabled her to get things done.

“I was in my own world back then. Creating animations ― I got so lost in that work. As the times changed, the demands for my role changed and I sought education to expand my understanding of my evolving environment.”

This led to her enrolling in business and management courses, and ultimately a change in careers. Being a Project Manager has been an amazing experience, and she often finds herself surrounded by smart, passionate people. She also adds that she hopes to continue sharpening her knowledge in the years to come.

Natasha’s advice to other women: It’s hard to reach out when you feel like you have no one to talk to. As much as you may feel alone, you have to stay strong. Let’s try to keep an eye on each other.

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