Women of We Know Training: Salma Kaida

In celebration of International Women’s Day this year, we are sharing profiles and advice from some of the superstars that make up the We Know Training team. Thank you to these women, and to all the brilliant staff that share their talent, insight, and creativity with us, day-in, day-out.

Salma Kaida, Vice President of Finance & Administration

As the Vice President of Finance & Administration, Salma Kaida is responsible for all of the systems that keep the lights on and the company compliant. From finance and accounting to internal IT, HR, and internal communications, she works to ensure that our people have what they need to be effective in their jobs.

When asked, Salma isn’t entirely sure how she got into this line of work. “I studied International Business and Marketing in university, but fell in love with accounting when my husband started his own business. Being here at We Know Training (formerly Yardstick) for going on 6 years now, has meant that I have had the opportunity to get my hands dirty in almost all the systems that our people have come to rely on.”

Salma truly loves the work she does with We Know Training. “Maybe it’s because I am pretty good at it,” she says. “The job requires me to have to change focus and priority regularly which is pretty great for my ADHD. Also, my personality lends itself well to chaos. No sign of OCD over here. I strive to get the job done, as in our fast-paced world, perfection can be the enemy of progress.” She also added that she believes strongly in building a great team, so she relies on her people to focus on the details.

Salma began as a project accountant for the company’s first service-based acquisition, Christie Communications. Since then, her role has grown and evolved into Accounting Manager, Controller, and now Vice President of Finance & Administraiton. She has been tasked with wearing many hats over the years, some of which have required her to move away from her core strength of finance and reporting, toward a more broad scope of services.

“I think the biggest way I have grown,” she shares, “is my ability to manage confidential information. I am often on the inside of big announcements and knowing what is confidential and what isn’t, which can sometimes be a challenge. But it’s something that I think I have (finally) figured out.”

Salma’s advice to other women: One tip for women? Speak your truth. The world will under-value your opinions. It will tell you that you are shrill or emotional or worse. But the reality is that diversity of opinion results in better outcomes. When you are offered a seat at the table, take it. You don’t know how long you will be there.

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