Women of We Know Training: Sara Zampa

In celebration of International Women’s Day this year, we are sharing profiles and advice from some of the superstars that make up the We Know Training team. Thank you to these women, and to all the brilliant staff that share their talent, insight, and creativity with us, day-in, day-out.

Sara Zampa, Graphic and Web Designer

As part of the Creative team in the Marketing department, Sara handles a wide variety of graphic and design needs for We Know Training. If it’s visual, there’s a good chance Sara helped create it, from custom WordPress themes and websites to posters, banners, business cards, and even logos and full brand packages for newly acquired businesses.

Sara began her career in graphic design years ago shortly after she graduated from culinary school in PEI. “I had a revelation,” she says, “while working on a project involving a 9 course meal. I spent more time designing the menu in Photoshop than I did on food pairings.” About a year later, she decided to dive in and enrolled in NAIT for Visual Communications.”

According to Sara, working at We Know Training is easily the best job she’s ever had. The opportunities to grow and try flexible working arrangements have allowed her to live close to her family in Calgary and prioritize her other passions, such as creative writing. “There’s lots of creative development that’s happened for me over the three years that I’ve been here. Honestly, a lot of that I can attribute to my managers and leaders caring enough about my growth to work with me on it. From learning new skills, such as UX/UI, or just challenging me on designs or concepts, there’s always room to grow here. Yep, I’ve actually heard ‘that looks like poop!’ more than once, and no, it’s not personal. Honest feedback is a big part of what’s pushed me to grow. I never feel like I’d be hindered if I wanted to branch out into learning some new topic.”

Sara’s advice to other women: Find your crew. Surround yourself with good people.

My job became so much better once I’d found a great group of friends to complain to, celebrate with, and generally bounce ideas off. It really makes a difference if you’re going through something and you’re not sure if it’s just a “you” thing, or if other people are experiencing the same challenges.

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