Our solution

At WKT, we’re your partners in success. We want nothing more than to see you win. And we bring out-of-the-box solutions (and thinking) to help your learners improve competence and unleash confidence.

Results that matter.

We’ll help you deliver solutions that actually change behaviour and move the needle on your organization’s challenges and goals. Find out how our fully-managed solution can help you hit your business goals without the hassle.

Our Partnership Approach

We turn relationships into real wins.

Our philosophy is simple: we work hand-in-hand with you to deliver training that’s simple, streamlined, and highly sellable. We deliver fully-managed training solutions that take the stress out of your success. Our experts work with yours to make your courses engaging, high-performing, and profitable.

Training & eCommerce Technology

Our platform supports you in selling and delivering your training – without the hassle.

When the stakes are high, you need a training platform that goes beyond the basics. Our platform is designed to deliver training for regulated industries . It’s an eCommerce engine and LMS, all in one place. Our technology supports your entire training program to make it easier than ever to sell and monetize your courses. It creates a user experience that’s simple and enjoyable for learners – and for site administrators, too.

eLearning & Course Development

Our expert-designed courses change behaviour and solve real-world business problems.

Our e-learning courses are created by leading experts in instructional design, who translate your subject matter into engaging courses that lead to real-world retention and results. We base every course we design on adult learning research, incorporating rich multimedia features, interactivity, and narrative elements.

Business & Learner Support

Let our team of experts set your learners up for success.

Creating customer delight is part of our DNA. Whether that’s working closely with our partners to make sure everything is running smoothly, or supporting your learners directly with our Canada-based bilingual customer support team, we are deeply invested in delivering an outstanding experience through every step of the journey.

Our approach

We are strategic thinkers who find the best approach for each opportunity. Learn how we use agile business models to generate the most value for partners and learners.


We partner with organizations in regulated industries to deliver fully-managed training solutions.

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We add industry-leading brands to our family via strategic acquisitions.

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New Ventures

We look for new opportunities to fill gaps in the market by building new brands from the ground up.

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Learner Verified

Ensure the right person is taking your online courses and tests.

Without in-person instructors, online learning is more susceptible to cheating. LearnerVerified adds a layer of defensible security to any course, by ensuring the right person is attending. It’s quick and easy to add this feature to any course you offer, and it will verify learner attendance with these three steps.

Step 1: Photo verification

Learners take a photo of themselves using their computer’s built-in camera the first time they log in to their course. LearnerVerified records and stores this photo for verification.

Step 2: Identity verification

Valid government picture ID is stored on file and matched to each learner’s photo to validate their identity.

Step 3: Monitored attendance

LV monitors attendance throughout the course by capturing learners’ photos to flag micro-moments of prolonged absences or other anomalous activity.

Credential Management

Tracking credentials doesn’t have to be a headache.

Say goodbye to the administrative burden of tracking and verifying credentials. WKT offers easy solutions to verify your learners, issue and share credentials, get automated reminders of upcoming expirations, and keep all of your learners’ certifications in a convenient digital wallet.

We Know Training is a key partner of Credivera for digital credentialling solutions. Credivera empowers employers and skilled professionals with the ability to share and control their credentials via a digital wallet – wherever and whenever they choose. Through this partnership, we can offer our clients leading-edge credential verification and fraud prevention.