We Know Training - News & Press: Spark Safety Solutions joins Danatec to create one of the largest safety solutions companies in Canada

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Spark Safety Solutions joins Danatec to create one of the largest safety solutions companies in Canada

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, March 2, 2021. We are excited to bring our award-winning training and consulting together to deliver the industry’s best on-site safety, training, and consulting!  

Danatec and Spark Safety joining together makes us one of the largest safety solutions providers in Canada. Together, we offer a suite of online, virtual instructor-led, and in-class safety training, consulting, and on-site safety solutions. 

For Wes Mazur, former President of Spark Safety and industry expert, the merger of the two companies is an exciting part of his strategic vision. “In 2018, we started to merge our companies,” says Mazur. “[Fully] joining Danatec [in 2021] helps fufill our vision of being the best safety training and consulting firm in the industry!” 

For Tiffany Linke-Boyko, President of We Know Training, the merger is a significant step forward for the brand and what we can offer our customers. “This is incredibly exciting because bringing this all together means that we can provide a more significant offering [of safety training] to our customers.” 

The Cambridge office remains open and is now the Eastern Canada Danatec officwith the Edmonton office continuing to be the Danatec headquarters. 

Our services and training will be uninterrupted, and no changes will occur for our valued 

customers. Our team is equipped to help you with any questions or concerns that may arise during this transition. 

About Spark Safety 

Since 2009, Spark Safety (formerly Grand River Occupational Health and Safety Inc.) has delivered industry-leading, award-winning safety solutions. 

Our passionate team includes experts from across multiple safety subject matter areas of safety consulting and training. We’re proud of what we do and the organizations we partner with, large and small, across all industries.  

Some of North America’s most well-recognized organizations and multinational firms have trusted us with business-critical safety compliance initiatives. And our small business clients turn to us for expertise at the right price. 

About Danatec 

With over 30 years of experience building, publishing, and customizing training solutions for organizations – we take the challenge out of complex regulatory compliance. We build training programs that are easy to use, easy to implement, cost-effective, and help our customers remain safe and compliant. 

From off-the-shelf products that are easily customizable, to personalized consulting services tailored to your unique needs, Danatec has everything you need to get your organization trained and compliant. 

  • Safety. 
    Danatec Education Services Ltd. is an award-winning publisher of occupational health & safety training materials. 
  • Compliance. 
    More than just online training, we are specialists in workplace safety and compliance. 
  • Solutions. 
    We offer a wide range of solutions such as phone/tablet apps, consulting, audits and custom courses. 

About We Know Training 

We Know Training was founded in 2002, operating for years under the name Yardstick Software Inc. After several acquisitions and exponential growth, the company rebranded in January 2020 to We Know Training, better reflecting the business model of delivering training that matters and making online training more accessible, more reliable, and more secure than ever. Over 900 companies and 10 million+ learners have trusted We Know Training with their full-service online training solutions and innovative approach to eLearning.

Contact info & media requests 

For all information about our on-site safety services, training, and consulting go to www.danatec.com or contact 1-800-465-3366.