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Thinking outside the LMS box

In a digital-first world, having a learning management system (LMS) for your training has become a non-negotiable. There are plenty of platforms to choose from, and most have a lot in common: you plug in your course content, your learners sign in, and they interact with your content in a pre-prescribed way.

That system works great for organizations that have their own course builders, their own training team, learner support team and aren’t worried about monetization. But what if you want more?

These days, an LMS isn’t limited to the standard functionality you might expect to find. There are LMS partners and platforms that are feature-rich, that are supported by expert e-learning teams who translate your content into engaging, interactive courses, that have powerful e-commerce functionality to help sell your courses to a broader audience, and that feature built-in learner support.

Platforms like We Know Training’s think outside the LMS box, and help you deliver so much more than a standard course. Here’s what you could achieve by working with a training partner instead of just an out-of-the-box LMS:

Key benefits

  • Attract a larger audience, and deliver greater value for them
  • Monetize your training program to make it a significant revenue generator
  • Create impactful courses with the right tools alongside our experienced and diverse eLearning team
  • Deliver a top-tier training program that’s created and managed for you
  • Streamline the costs and learner journey of delivering a comprehensive training program

Partners, not platforms

Thinking outside the box could also mean moving away from an LMS software and instead working with a full-suite training partner. A good training partner can handle everything for you end-to-end, from course creation and design to course sales and delivery to learner support. Their experts take the time to deeply understand your business, goals, and challenges, and create full-suite solutions that are tailored specifically to your needs.

A partner like We Know Training works hand-in-hand with you to deliver training that’s simple, streamlined, and highly sellable. We deliver fully-managed training solutions that take the stress out of your success. Our experts work with yours to make your courses engaging, high-performing, and profitable.

What about costs?

You’d be forgiven for assuming that a training partner would cost more than an out-of-the-box LMS software ⁠— that sounds like it would be way pricier, right? Well, not necessarily. Depending on your needs, the costs associated with a training partner can be comparable to a traditional LMS. And even if you invest a bit more upfront, a training partner with e-commerce functionality can help you monetize and sell high-quality courses to a much broader audience, generating a new and potent revenue stream for you. Choose the right training partner, and it could not only pay for itself ⁠— it could actually start earning you money. As just one example, one of We Know Training’s partners saw over $6 million in additional revenue after partnering with us on their training program.

Ready to get started?

If delivering an exceptional training program (with way less work for you and your team, and bigger results) sounds good to you, let’s talk about it! Book a discovery call today, and we’ll explore your goals, needs and pain points, and provide insight on what our solutions can do for you.