We Know Training - Insights: Why do I need a training partner?

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Why do I need a training partner?

Training is perhaps the most important investment an organization will make. At least, that’s what 68 per cent of your employees think.

Great training is a key differentiator for retaining talent, boosting productivity, optimizing business results, and delivering higher profit margins. It’s even more critical when it comes to regulated industries, where a high standard of professionalism is non-negotiable.

Despite its importance, many organizations aren’t resourced properly to deliver a strong training program. Faced with this resource gap, many turn to an off-the-shelf LMS software that will cover the basics, but may be more of a stop-gap measure than a true value generator.

So what’s the alternative? Rather than a basic software or side-of-the-desk in-house solution, we recommend working with a training partner.

A training partner provides a fully-managed training solution – they handle everything for you, from instructional design to online training technology, and from bilingual customer support to advice on scaling and monetizing your course content. They gain a robust understanding of your business needs, gaps, and goals, and work hand in hand to deliver measurable business impacts and generate big wins.

Benefits of a partnership approach

  1. It’s strategic. Work with experts in training for regulated industries, who understand your needs and provide elevated solutions to meet them.
  1. It’s full-service. Deliver your training programs without the hassle, by relying on our fully-managed suite of training solutions.
  1. It’s success-driven. Evolve beyond an out-of-the-box LMS by working with an  e-commerce training partner who is fully invested in scaling and optimizing your success.

How does a training partnership work?

There are a few different models for a training partnership, depending on your unique position and needs. At We Know Training, we work with many of our partners under a revenue-share model – but we also pursue the other models below.

  1. Revenue-share model. We work with regulators, associations, non-profits and others where standards are high and training has to meet complex needs and compliance requirements. We’re at the intersection where experts meet – our training experts will take your subject matter expertise, and translate it into profitable, engaging online learning experiences that truly set you apart.
  1. Acquisitions. Sometimes, our partners are such a great fit that they decide to join the WKT family. We’ve acquired and added several high-potential brands to our ecosystem, and we’ve seen them supercharge their success and achieve massive growth under the WKT umbrella.
  1. New ventures. Beyond our partners and acquisitions, some of our brands were actually built from the ground up to close a market gap. We’re experienced in market research, brand-building, and successfully launching new brands to market. We love turning intelligent ideas into high-performing new ventures – and we’re always on the lookout for the next great opportunity.

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