We Know Training - Case study: Hunting for a one-stop solution

Case Study

Hunting for a one-stop solution

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The Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association (AHEIA)

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When your association balances multiple facilities, offers training in numerous modalities, hosts events and fundraisers, and providers children’s programming, the idea of a one-stop solution may seem like an unattainable dream.

But that’s exactly what the AHEIA was looking for. They needed a partner who would build them a site, provide an LMS to host training while supporting their other initiatives, and allow for e-Commerce, calendar functionalities, and numerous other tools.

The solution had to be custom-branded, support a full suite of diverse services, and even provide a secure communication API between the platform and Transport Canada’s exam platform.


To help AHEIA deliver all of its offerings seamlessly and conveniently, We Know Training built them a custom-branded storefront hosted on our LMS technology. The storefront is expansive, including a site map of over 30 pages from calendars, to fundraising, to an e-commerce catalog — plus numerous content additions to support raffles, training, and more. The storefront is AHEIA’s only web property and supports everything they do.

We created a secure API call from our system to Transport Canada to support their ability to offer the pleasure craft operator license course, which was a technological challenge not every vendor could resolve.

In addition to building their entire platform and onboarding their stakeholders, we continue to provide tier-1 customer support to ensure every learner has a positive experience. AHEIA has now successfully streamlined 5 or 6 systems into one that is easy to use for their internal and external audiences.



integrated system to replace multiple incongruous platforms


leaders completing training every year


boat licenses awarded over the past two years

+3 Million

Revenue growth for the organization

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